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Preconstruction Services

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Preconstruction Services
Often, as part of long range planning, a client requires only the design, budgeting and scheduling portion of RightTrack™. R.C. Stevens provides Preconstruction Services that include RFP preparation necessary for the selection of the design team, and the overall coordination of the design effort. This consists of program validation, schematic/design development/construction documents, cost control during design, design phase scheduling, and design phase quality control. Our Team Integration meeting sets the foundation for this process. Using the Division of Responsibility Checklist, team member commitments and responsibilities are documented and tracked throughout the Preconstruction Phase. Key milestones will be identified, including all design phases, budget estimate delivery dates, document submission and review dates. Constructability Review is a critical part of this process. We utilize a comprehensive checklist to vary the thoroughness of the documents at each phase of design. Using an initial Economic Model, the project budget is tracked through each design phase, with comparison reports to track cost changes affected by design decisions. Value Management tools, such as Life Cycle Cost Analysis are also used to support cost control. Regularly scheduled team meetings are tracked using meeting minutes that serve as agendas for subsequent meetings. Outstanding issues are tracked using a Request for Information Log.